Hi Noele, I bought your purple lipstick on Valentine’s Day at the event on 8th street. I am wearing it with my purple mascara! Thank you! And I love the case too!
Ellen Israel
If you haven't purchased the lip elixir, do yourself a favor and buy it now! Also treat yourself to a couple of the amazing liquid matte gorgeous colors. Smooth application; amazing wear! LOVE these products. Wish I could rate them more than 5 stars!
Kimberly Kane
I love love lovveeee NOELENOELE’s skincare regime. I used to spend over $400 on Estee Lauder super cream and honestly NOELENOELE’s is better. The cream is super detoxifying, my skin has not been this clear & radiant in a long time. I attribute that to the all natural ingredients. Even when I travel, I use the same products and get such an even tan on my face. If I could give it 15 stars I would! Thanks Noele!
Neel Maitland
I purchased you lip gloss back in November. It’s safe to say I have never had anything like I would like to purchase another one I am absolutely obsessed with it I can’t live without it. I wear it every single day🤍
Maddy Moase
So good! Literally the best lipgloss I’ve used. Not sticky.. and the base is moisturizing! 10/10